Crack Paths Conferences

Most engineering structures and components contain cracks or flaws. Therefore, the direction or path of the initial crack and its subsequent growth path must be taken into account both in design and in the analysis of failures. Knowledge of potential crack paths is needed for both the complete solution of a crack growth problem under either quasi-static or cyclic loading, as well as for the selection of appropriate non-destructive testing procedures. Although improvements in the crack path assessment have recently been achieved, the interest on this challenging issue has steadily increased.

These publications represent the Proceedings of a series of Crack Paths Conferences held every three years. Such Conferences have brought together both fatigue and fracture experts from Industries, Universities and so on, to exchange recent information and discuss on how to promote research and development in this field.

The various Conferences of the series were held always in Italy in September:

  1. in Parma, 2003

  2. in Parma, 2006;

  3. in Vicenza, 2009;

  4. in Gaeta, 2012;

  5. in Ferrara, 2015.

  6. in Verona, 2018

The 7th International Conference on Crack Paths is being arranged for September 2021 in Roma, Italy.

Scientific Committee

  • José Alexander ARAUJO (Brasilia, Brazil)

  • Harm ASKES (Sheffield, UK)

  • Bruno ATZORI (Padua, Italy)

  • Filippo BERTO (Trondheim, Norway)

  • Feargal BRENNAN (Cranfield, UK)

  • Alfonso Fernández CANTELI (Oviedo, Spain)

  • Andrea CARPINTERI (Parma, Italy)

  • Jaime Tupiassú Pinho de CASTRO (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

  • Guido DHONDT (Munich, Germany)

  • G.M. DOMÍNGUEZ ALMARAZ (Morella, Mexico)

  • Véronique DOQUET (Palaiseau, France)

  • Ali FATEMI (Toledo, USA)

  • Manuel de FREITAS (Lisbon, Portugal)

  • Youshi HONG (Beijing, China)

  • Francesco IACOVIELLO (Cassino, Italy)

  • M. Neil JAMES (Plymouth, UK)

  • Andrei KOTOUSOV (Adelaide, Australia)

  • Daniel KUJAWSKI (Kalamazoo, USA)

  • Yury MATVIENKO (Moscow, Russia)

  • Michael Roger MITCHELL (Flagstaff,USA)

  • Yukitaka MURAKAMI (Fukuoka, Japan)

  • Alfredo NAVARRO (Sevilla, Spain)

  • Thierry PALIN-LUC (Talence, France)

  • Jaroslav POKLUDA (Brno, Czech Republic)

  • Les P. POOK (Sevenoaks, UK)

  • Hans Albert RICHARD (Paderborn, Germany)

  • Andrey SHANYAVSKIY (Moscow, Russia)

  • Valery N. SHLYANNIKOV (Kazan, Russia)

  • Cetin Morris SONSINO (Darmstadt, Germany)

  • Yoichi SUMI (Yokohama, Japan)

  • Luca SUSMEL (Sheffield, UK)

  • Keisuke TANAKA (Nagoya, Japan)

  • Silvio VALENTE (Turin, Italy)

  • Sabrina VANTADORI (Parma, Italy)

  • Michael VORMWALD (Darmstadt, Germany)