Analytical, computational and physical Models; Biomaterials and Wood Fracture and Fatigue; Biomechanics; Ceramics Fracture and Damage; Composites; Computational Mechanics; Concrete & Rocks; Creep Fracture; Damage Mechanics; Damage and fracture in materials under dynamic loading; Durability of structures; Environmentally Assisted Fracture; Failure Analysis and Case Studies; Fatigue - Crack Growth (all materials); Fatigue Resistance of metals; Fatigue of Metals – Very High Cycle; Failure Analysis and Forensic Engineering; Fractography and Advanced metallography; Fracture and Fatigue at Atomistic and Molecular Scales; Fracture and fatigue testing systems; Fracture under Mixed-Mode and Multiaxial Loading; Fracture vs. Gradient Mechanics; Functional Gradient Materials; Impact & Dynamics; Fundamentals of cohesive zone models; History of Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue; Innovative Alloys; Linear and Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics; Materials mechanical behavior and image analysis; Mesomechanics of Fracture; Micromechanisms of Fracture and Fatigue; Multi-physics and multi-scale modelling of cracking in heterogeneous materials; Multiscale Experiments and Modeling; Nanostructured Materials; Nondestructive Examination; Physical Aspects of Brittle Fracture; Physical Aspects of Ductile Fracture; Polymers Fracture and Fatigue; Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics; Reliability and Life Extension of Components; Repair and retrofitting: modelling and practical applications; Sandwiches, Joints and Coatings; Smart Materials; Structural Integrity; Temperature Effect; Thin Films.